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Our Services

Rural non-profit senior centers operate at a disadvantage compared to for profit centers. The only support besides donations is partial reimbursement from a national grant (the Older Americans Act) that is divided among states then down to counties (Subrecipient Contract).

** Indicates services provided during COVID-19 Virus closure

 (Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

1. Meals On Wheels Program

Our commitment is to provide meals to our seniors 60 years of age or older from Alder Creek, Sandy, to Brightwood, Rhododendron and Welches (all non-incorporated towns).  It is our goal to assist seniors who are unable to shop or prepare their own meals due to illness, disabilities or age.  It is also our responsibility to support working families by delivering a meal to their senior parents.  We will never refuse a request for a meal. We presently are delivering 24 home delivered meals.  There is no charge for the meals although we do accept donations.

2. Medical Rides (Luxury 

Accommodations Taxi Service, Sandy)

We provide medical/personal rides for seniors 60 yrs. or older and persons with disabilities. These rides can be to as far as OHSU and the VA Hospital.  Seniors are picked up at their homes, taken to their destination and returned home.  This service is vital to seniors, especially those who no longer drive or have family members who work and cannot take

 the time off.  There is no charge, but we do accept donations.

3. Drivers (For Local Rides)

We have 3 senior drivers who volunteer to drive any senior to local destinations such as Clackamas County Bank, post office, Dr. Grise’s office, etc.  These rides must fit into the driver’s schedule. We pay Luxury Accommodations, by the mile so local drivers help with that expense.

4. State Of Oregon – Shiba Program (Medicare Counseling)

Out of the 30 volunteer SHIBA counselors in Clackamas County, our Center is the only one to have its own year-round.  This is a big convenience otherwise our seniors would have to  make an appointment with any of the other, if available, 29 counselors.  These other counselors must find locations to meet with clients.  We have a location with regular working hours.

5. Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance applications are available, at our Center, year-round for any one 18 yrs. or older with a PGE bill.  From October 1st through November 31st of each year, any application submitted through our Center; Energy Assistance will pay us $25 for each.  This is a great fundraiser.

6. Lion's Chairman Of Vision & Hearing Aids

As a member of the Lions Club and the Chairman of Vision & Hearing Aids, the Center Director is now authorized to process their applications for glasses and hearing aids.  The Center is also a collection site.  This again is a big convenience for our seniors as we have a location with regular working hours.

7. Center/Conference Room 


Our Center’s conference room has been used by many clubs and organizations for their meetings/presentations.  Most do not have any other location to meet. Our Center/Conference room has been used by water districts, clubs like the Women’s Club, Trillium Garden Club, Care Giver’s Group, Hoodland Weight Loss Group, bible study group, pinochle group, ukulele group and by our local attorney for consultations for seniors who are unable to climb the stairs to her office.  Our Center has also been used for a 90th birthday party, wedding reception and a memorial service for one of our Meals & Wheels drivers.  Other uses of our Center have been for presentations such as Elder Law, quarterly presentation on senior legal matters from our local attorney.  Yearly open enrollment Medicare presentation, CBD presentation for seniors by a medical Clinic.  We charge only if meetings are held at night when someone has to be present to open and lock up the Center.  Our fee then is $25 for the first 2 hours, and $10 for each additional hour.

8. Care Giver Group Meeting

A support group for family members who are caring for their loved ones who are disabled.

9. Hoodland Weight Loss

A group providing educational material and support for managing weight loss.

10. Bible Study Group

A group from the Lutheran Church who lack the space for their meetings.

11. Tai Chi – Vital for Senior Balance

This class is held twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am – 11 am.  During COVID and because of the limited space for distancing the number of participants is limited to 5.

12. Better Bones – Vital for Senior Balance

This class is held twice a week, Monday and Wednesday, 10 am - 11 am.

13. Day Trip Rides

Bus trips to various scenic or recreational locations in Oregon.  

14. Bus Shopping Trips To Sandy

Trips are for every other Wednesday to any place in Sandy our seniors would like to shop or for personal appointments.

15. Information and Assistance

Referral and assistance to connect with any of Clackamas County Resources. Computer assistance to help seniors enroll in social security, supplemental income, extra help with prescriptions, car registration, driver’s license renewal, care giver information, dental/medical information.  We will assist with any problems seniors may have, if we can.

16. Free Animal Food -From F.I.D.O. Pet Food Bank

This organization delivers free pet food to our Center twice a month.  We place orders specifically for your pets, by breed, age, size.  This healthy food is donated by  the ­manufacturers.  Give us a call if you would like to add your pet to our order.

17. Medical Equipment

We loan out wheelchairs, walkers, toilet seats, canes, shower chairs etc.

There is no charge, but we will accept donations.  This service is not limited to seniors.

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